The Clash Between Russia and NATO: A Matter of Weeks (Days)?

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There is an interesting article at a Russian site that claims NATO has taken the decision to enter the war when Russia begins its winter offensive, and perhaps even before that. This has apparently been reported by a number of high level (but anonymous) sources. The article claims that the U.S. will not accept defeat in Ukraine and it looks like its EU vassals in NATO will go along with the plan to enter the war.


via Rusre Info (Machine Translation)

According to several high-level sources (1), NATO has taken the decision to officially enter the conflict alongside Ukraine in the weeks or even days to come.

The main reason for this would be the very next general Russian offensive planned, according to NATO, and which, according to it, would decimate the Ukrainian army not only in the Donbass but also on the side of Kyiv (many Russian units are in a combat situation in Belarus on the borders with Ukraine).

But NATO has always been very clear: Ukraine CANNOT LOSE. For Washington, the only solution would therefore be for NATO forces to enter Ukraine, hoping that this would put an end to the Russian offensive. The calculation is that Vladimir Putin will not want to directly confront NATO with the possible (nuclear) consequences, and therefore will then back down.

But going to war may seem impossible in view of several things: On the one hand NATO itself speaks of the current shortage of ammunition and equipment following its massive deliveries to Ukraine. On the other hand the peoples of Europe are probably not ready to support a war, being currently more concerned about their winter survival.

We were able to interview, under various hats, several senior officers active in the French army:

1- “Currently, the French army is divided into three groups: the warmongers who are often office officers who have never seen a war near or far; those who want to be neutral because they consider that the army would do better to defend French interests; and those who have done the “field” in Africa or elsewhere who do not want to hear about it because for them this conflict does not concern us and we do not have to get involved in it.
The exercises to prepare for a “high-intensity war” have been going on since March. They first took place in central France on military bases in sparsely populated departments. The exercises consist mainly of urban guerrilla warfare and attacks!
If Macron wants a “truce” it is to replay it upside down to Putin. A truce will only serve to replenish the arms stocks of the USA and the EU which are almost bloodless and they need time to replenish them. This is the mistake not to commit because it will strengthen NATO. ”
According to him, if “Putin is smart” (and he has no doubt about it), he will strike massively now to prevent NATO from having time to turn around.
According to him, Macron sent 10 unfortunate Leclerc tanks to NATO. It seems to be the best (???)! Problem, spare parts come from China. So, if the Chinese play the game with Putin, we cannot fix them.
On the subject of ammunition: “Ammunition stocks being what they are, what are we going to fight with? »
In addition, the winter break would have been used to transfer Patriot and other systems that are not yet on the road.
2- According to other sources (French air base), Air Force officers receive intensive Russian language courses.
3 – According to other sources, (army) orders for ammunition for African countries have been canceled by the French authorities, instead ammunition was sent to Romania where French forces are stationed.
4- According to another senior officer in activity “There are 60 Rafale fighter planes left in France, of which at least 30 are no longer operational because we no longer have the financial means to maintain them. In fact, during the parade on July 14, all the airworthy planes gave their little demonstration to give the image of a country with a “strong” army, whereas we are completely exhausted. The American F35s have huge technical problems and are unusable. The 200 tanks in our possession are also not operational because they have been stored for a very long time in poor conditions and in addition, for lack of money, we cannot restore them”

The least we can say is that the French army is not very inclined to confront us. That said, the European and American governments have an agenda to follow, made urgent on the one hand by the predicted crash of the dollar and on the other hand by the current economic meltdown which will only worsen in Western countries. A state of war would trigger martial law and global population control as it has been developed in recent years under the pretext of “covid”. They may also think that a state of war would unite the citizens behind them.

We see today that Europe and the United States talk almost every daily about negotiations and the “Christmas truce”. This is of course a scam, such a truce would allow the Ukrainian forces to be refloated with new ammunition. In the United States the armament factories work day and night. Russia has repeatedly replied “no truce” and “there is nothing to negotiate as long as Ukraine remains on its positions”.

One hypothesis is that NATO imagines that its entry into the war will immediately make Russia capitulate out of “fear”. In this hypothesis, the Western countries will then take control of Russia and its resources, Putin having disappeared from the scene. A gigantic blow of bluff in short.

Another hypothesis is that all this is part of a NATO intoxication aimed at canceling the next general offensive of the Russian forces which already seems to be “terrorizing” the NATO forces.

In any case, this is a very bad calculation since it is clear that Russia will go through with the mission assigned by Vladimir Putin. Counting that our forces will retreat in the face of a few NATO regiments whose armament problems Russia knows is a ridiculous calculation… and which will very quickly prove to be extremely deadly.

On the ground, apart from the territories passed under Russian control, we are in fact in the same situation as at the beginning of 2022: Ukraine was heavily bombarding Donetsk and we knew that Ukraine was going to attack in March 2022; we therefore attacked the first, at the end of February. Today Ukraine is heavily bombing Donetsk and it seems possible that NATO is planning an all-out attack or trying to buy time while its stocks are replenished. What do you think we’ll do…?

We will be fixed very quickly and here is a small end-of-year gift which, I have no doubt, will interest the French authorities who read this article. Image extracted from a very complete file provided by French friends of Russia whom we warmly thank. This is just one example among many others and the French authorities will understand the situation of what will happen if (or when…) NATO enters the fray. French friends who live in the region should take a vacation…

I thank Valerya B. for her help in writing this article.

Boris Gennadevich Karpov

(1) Sources: Senior active officer(s) in the French army Senior
managers of major French industrial groups
NATO General Staff
Ministry Ukrainian Ministry

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Ian cassie
Ian cassie
2 months ago

The cost of war is nearly always meassured in the only Imutable currencies blood and gold