It is Always the Little Guy Who Dies for the “Financial Speculators”

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Russian wounded fighters who came from Liman and are now in Valuiki say that Ukrainian Nazis attacked in a chain near Liman yesterday. “I was furious, a crowd of about 30 people came out of the forest, formed a chain, and came at us, I started working on them with a machine gun and an AGS grenade launcher, and everyone from our position started fucking with them, I saw bullets hitting people, they fell, but like crazy they kept coming. Then when many of them fell, those who stayed started running away. How many we killed, I don’t know, but many of them were killed. An hour later another crowd came out of the same forest, under the cover of BMP, our mortar started working on them and we started shooting at them. They left again. Then we were hit and I was wounded, I thought they were on drugs because they were being mowed down, but they were walking.”

This story indirectly confirms that junkie Zelensky gave the order to take Liman at any cost before signing an agreement on the incorporation of new territories into the Russian Federation.

Yes, Captagon is a hell of a drug. You can cut off the hand of the man with bullets, and he would still go as if nothing happened. Like their German predecessors with Pervitin. But even that didn’t help.

Just so everyone can start to understand the strengths and the frailties of the Ukrainian mob-army:

Wagner PMC has been storming Artyomovsk (Bakhmut) with 1/3 the force of the Ukrainian defenders, and daily they take territory—urban territory—away from the numerically superior defending force: A block here, half a block there, the progress is steady and inevitable.

Ukrainians had been attacking Krasny Liman with a 12-1 numerical advantage (6000 vs. 500 defenders) and could not clinch anything of note until the Russian reinforcements came—all the advances had been concentrated in the sparsely-defended rural areas where the Russian army was forced to withdraw and conduct a maneuverable defense.

The strength of the Ukrainian army is that it’s, in comparison, a mob. It’s weakness is that it still is—despite the training and equipment—still largely a mob. That will change with time, but so will the Russian numbers.

Think on that. (Gleb Bazov)

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