Jeffrey Sachs on Ukraine, WW3?

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🇺🇲🇷🇺🇺🇦 American economist Jeffrey Sachs: “Ukraine will disappear from the map, or a third world war will begin”

Among the well-known Americans who disagree with the official White House version of events in Ukraine, a serious addition: the economist Jeffrey Sachs has warned that the conflict in Ukraine will not end with the defeat of Vladimir Putin. “Ukraine will disappear from the map, or the third world war will begin,” he gave a forecast of the development of events during the Free Thoughts on the Future conference.

It is noteworthy that Sacks blames the West for starting the current conflict, saying that there is only one option to end hostilities – NATO must admit that it will not expand at the expense of Ukraine. The arrogance of the Western military alliance, which refused to take into account the demands of Russia to ensure its security, is the reason for the outbreak of hostilities in the center of Europe. And if the West really wants peace, Sachs believes, it needs to end the war against Russia, not on NATO terms, but with Moscow’s interests in mind.

The situation around Taiwan and Kosovo shows us what kind of world we have entered – a world where it is possible to very quickly slide into a large-scale conflict.  The US and the West are showing so far that they are able to control the situation and turn the spiral of escalation back, but it is clear that their actions are more and more spontaneous, not strategic.  And this in itself is a sign of their weakening, which is inevitably followed by destabilization around the world.  The hegemon is losing the reins of power.

But the main front is now in Ukraine, where the West has made its main bet for entering the next round of the struggle for world domination, since its elites believe that Russia can be seriously weakened there.  In this they are mistaken, Russia will come out stronger from the SMO in Ukraine.

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Paul Smith
Paul Smith
5 months ago

He is correct, IMHO

5 months ago

The West doesn’t want peace. They need war to sell weapons, destroy countries and to keep their ruling power. Most wars in the World are created by those who are claiming for peace! They are the most hypocrites on this planet…The financial elites behind these no brain political leaders are always interested in war. That’s a fact.