Russia Has Actually Achieved a Stunning Victory

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Russell Bentley has been living in the Donetsk People’s Republic for eight years where he now has obtained official citizenship. – partial quote of interview -.

Question: Western news media have been full of reports on how Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine is a failure. From the perspective of people on the ground in Donbass, how is Russia’s campaign going?

. . . The fact is that Russia has actually achieved a stunning victory. Standard military doctrine dictates an assault force requires a 3-to-1 numerical superiority to have a reasonable chance of victory, and Russia has achieved all its strategic goals thus far with an assault force of less than 1-to-1. The casualty reports from both sides should be taken with a grain of salt, but no serious observer can deny that Russia has dealt strategic losses to Ukrop army men and equipment while maintaining their own numbers at militarily acceptable and operational levels. Russia has used a small fraction (about 15 percent) of its military capabilities so far in Ukraine. The armchair Generals and keyboard commandos who criticize Russia’s military operations in Ukraine are for the most part far too ignorant of military tactics and strategy to even be considered qualified to have an opinion on the subject, so they should be silent. Don’t worry, we got this. . .

. . . Ninety-eight percent of Western media are professional liars and propagandists. What they write and say is almost always the exact opposite of the truth, and when it’s not, they are only using a fragment of truth, out of context, in order to deceive. Like former White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki, they will lie, straight-faced, knowing that they are lying, and knowing that you know they are lying, and knowing that you know they know you know they know they are lying. Can there be a more contemptible creature on this Earth? Lord, I hope not.

. . . These scum are well-paid “presstitutes”, but even whores have more honor, humanity, and dignity. Western propagandists are like whores who work knowing they have venereal disease, and willingly and knowingly pass it on to their clients. It has correctly been said that “respect for the truth is the basis for all morality”, and this saying is really, really true. And these Western media whores are the mortal enemies of the truth, and thus, morality 
. . . I believe that the chances that this conflict/confrontation will end in an all-out nuclear war are more probable than not. Maybe not this year or next, but as more time passes, I think the chances increase until they become inevitable, without divine intervention or some other natural disaster that precludes the use or need for it. I hope I am wrong. But I am quite sure things will get worse before they get better.

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Kim Hayes
Kim Hayes
1 year ago

Russia is superbly conducting this ‘war’ all around. Masterfully sparing buildings, infrastructure, human lives , as well as keeping morals , ethics & good character alive. While certainly not on the ground like Russell Bentley, why would Russia need to resort to nuclear weapons???? I predict the whole ‘shooting match’ will be over by the end of June! Russia skillfully is accomplishing it’s goals. Not rushing in with shock & awe like the typical American…….’more is better’ attitude dropping bombs willy-nilly and blowing shit up! Russia carries itself with honor even in war. It has been supplying food & need relief supplies already to the citizens involved.
Russia is most likely laying the ground work for total absorption of the Ukraine eventually.
‘Elensky’ (can’t use the Z, since the B-grade junior high actor outlawed it…….)
has revealed he is a prostitute sock puppet! I love when things back fire i.e. Europe taking it up the ass for getting involved from day one. Had ‘Elensky’ been an adult and stuck to the Minsk II Agreement we wouldn’t be having this conversation, plain & simple. Instead he being a sock puppet, let Europe and worse yet the ‘rubber mask’ wearing Administration of Go Brandon tell him what to do. Besides Israel has been salivating over their desire for the Ukraine as a 2nd home for decades. Since a good chunk of Ukraine was Khzaria and the majority of these pretend Hebrew Zionists originated from there long ago…..Jews by proclamation and not a bloodline (declared overnight conversion).
I’m an American and currently my personal opinion is that both parties are corrupt and at a loss for leadership. Since ‘Savior Programs’ never work on any level. Evident everywhere with rigged voting everywhere, i.e. preprinted ballots with pre-selected winners marked in Central America just emerged as well.
This is a call to all citizens of the world to wake up, take back their power that they gave away, take responsibility for themselves, get involved and put some skin in the game to contribute to building the future they want for their children & grandchildren. It will take about 40 years to turn this all around. It’s a great time to be alive! The facade is cracked & crumbling world round let’s replace it with something Alive & Thriving , something with a good foundation with morals, scruples, ethics, character, substance and a life force. History reveals devise quicksand is not the route.